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About Us

We realize that your children are your greatest treasure and we will provide your treasure with a nurturing, loving and safe environment to spend their day. When your children walk through our doors, you can expect them to be cared for by a patient and capable staff, where all of your concerns regarding their care, will be taken into consideration. God has placed a great responsibility on you to educate your children. Bringing your child to Victorious Kidz Christian Academy is just one of the steps in keeping with God’s word. We are here to insure that your child receives the type of education they need, and as such offer some of the best Christian curriculum available.
As you review our web site, you will be given the basic information on what is needed in order to enroll your child in Victorious Kidz Christian Academy. Before coming to visit, write down any questions you may have about our school so that you leave with all of the information and assurances you need regarding your child’s education.

Should you decide to enroll your child in Victorious Kidz Christian Academy, we want you to be involved in every aspect of your child’s education. That essentially means we want to partner with you in making sure that your child’s educational experience is a positive, happy and memorable one. With that said, we require all of our parents to attend school sponsored events that involve your child, be visible at parent teacher conferences, and make recommendations that go toward improving quality care. We realize that it takes more than just parents to raise a child; it also takes more than just a teacher to educate them. So we welcome your positive intervention.

Cassandra Crum, Executive Director